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Wilderness riverfront property for sale
near Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada

A beautiful property on the Black River Road a short three hour drive north of Toronto in ‘The Land Between’.

This is Wilderness Land, where Deer, Moose, Bear still wander and where the Great Blue Herons nest in Spring and where the Black River flows through protected green space from the source just south of Algonquin Park to this land


The Property is 24.6 acres of land located in and surrounded by the Queen Elisabeth 2nd Wild Lands Provincial Park

The Black River Road runs trough the property and the Black River runs alongside and then cuts across the property, creating lots of riverfront!

The property is ¼ of 100-acre section, the east half of the east half and is now situated in the City of Kawartha Lakes. The three other sections are owned by different people.

The Property is suitable for Wilderness Retreats, Canoe and Camping Adventures and/ or a Wilderness Nursery for Medicinal and Endangered Plant Species. The Land already functions as a kind of Sanctuary for many different plants, wild animals and a astounding array of birds.

A Business Plan for “Green Businesses” is available. Details on Building Code applications, Permaculture Design and Medicinal Wild Plants on the property are also available.

The entire area is now environmentally protected.

The location in a Wildlands Provincial Park, one of 3 Wildlands Parks in Ontario means the lumbering, mining and development will be less likely than anywhere else in the province. It also means the property taxes are less than $1200/ year.

A detailed survey is available. While some of the markers for the property have been removed or are overgrown, they can easily be found again these days with a cell phone and the survey.

The asking price is $520,000


Interested parties can approach the owner at:

Visits to the property will be by appointment.

First Nations Communities on the Land

Originally the area was inhabited by the Anishinaabe First Nations Communities. The Elders say the people lived here for thousands of years, in particular gathering in Community for the Winter Months. At one, time the area was know as the ‘Bowl with the Spoon’, a reference to the abundant wild food and to the well-organized food production of the First Nation Communities in Ancient Times.

The Queens Elisabeth Wild Lands Provincial Park

This beautiful Wild Land now sits within the Queen Elisabeth 2nd Wild Lands Provincial Park, NE of Orillia on the very southern tip of the Canadian Shield. The area is a naturally regenerated forest, a rare occurrence in Ontario today.

The creation of a Wilderness Park here recognized the fragile nature of the area and protects the largest undisturbed tract of wilderness within reach of major urban areas in southern Ontario. The park contains several sites of ecological value and habitats that supports rare species.

Building Sites

The Environmentally Protected status of this land can mean different steps when applying for a building permit. Fortunately the previous designation and the existing cabin structure create some viable options. The high point of land on the north side of the road can be a building site and the existing cabin can be rebuilt without a permit, according to existing building code legislation

Property Zoning

The four long stripes are the 4 properties in the 100 acre section that this property is ‘ the east half of the east half’ of that 100 acre section.

This is a map of the area outlining the different zoning designations for the area

This property is outlined in yellow; the entire area is now Environmentally Protected, especially around the river. The LSR-1 designation is the potential building site on the hill, the open field area.

Early Property Surveys

The property was first surveyed in 1885. In those days, the properties were set up across the river in long narrow slices; everyone got some riverfront, some Forest and some land for farming.

So, this property includes a long stretch of riverfront . . . The Black River runs along the eastern side of the property forming the park boundary, then turns and cuts across the property, flowing west to the Severn River and on to Georgian Bay. Altogether, there is about 900 feet of riverfront. The property itself is narrower than the total length of riverfront.

The Black River Road

The only road through the park, like the river runs through the property.

The road has been well maintained over the years. Since the City of Kawartha Lakes took over that has dropped off somewhat. Hydro seems to have picked up the slack and even maintains a winter road now. The Road goes out to Victoria Falls, another 4-5 kilometres past the property.

The Southern Part of the Property

The southern 8~10 acres of the property is across the river and is accessible by boat or by swimming in the summer months. In the winter months the area is accessible over the ice in some places where the river is narrower or where the river is turning a corner and slows down.

Map of the property outline as it crosses the river and road

The Black River

The river meanders along winding through rocky outcroppings and pristine wetlands in this area. In the Spring it is a powerful torrent flooding the area around the river and raising the river height, 10-15 feet.

Along the edge of the property, the river has steep banks and rock outcrops to swim from. The river is delicious to swim in and is quite deep in this section.

Canoe Trips on the Black River

The river is wonderful to paddle on, taking you back in time in the silence and the absence of civilization. The three rapids in this stretch of the river, Victoria Falls, Ragged Rapids and Coopers Falls are not rapids to go over in a canoe and would mean a portage. The water systems the river is connected to can take you from Algonquin Park to Georgian Bay by canoe

The Original Homestead

The property is divided by the geography into three sections. The first piece is up on the hill on the north section of the property. From the first driveway off the Black River Road, the driveway heads up the hill to the site of the original Homestead.

This driveway follows the path the farmers used to drive their wagons up the hill. On the top of the hill is the stone outline of the home’s foundation. While the white birch have grown up in the basement, the foundation is still there

Further into the property the remnants of another stone foundation are found, likely the site of the original barn.

The Original Settlers

Settlers lived here from the early 1885 to the 1960’s. They had two wells on the property, likely one for the barn and one for the homestead. These wells are ‘cone wells’ an ancient way of digging wells in areas where the water table is close to the surface. They are shaped like a cone, are about 35 feet deep and are held in place by a dry stacked stone technique. They apparently worked successfully for the 100 or so years the settlers lived here. One well was filled in by the township in 1998, the other one is covered in stone.

After the early exploration, the lumbering stripped most of the Forest from the area. That made the area susceptible to fires and a big one swept through the area in 1928. Since then the area has grown back with little interference from people. The homesteads, schools and churches that were once on the road have all disappeared since the 1950’s and the forest has grown back.

The Open Field Area

The open field area is the area approved for a building site. A survey is available of the details of this section of the property. This is 4-5 acres of the total of 26.4 acres of the whole property.

The open field part of the property looking northwest

Forested Area

Heading south on the property across the Black River Road, we come to the original driveway. This driveway crosses the stream which flows across the property on its way to the river. Walking toward the river, the old driveway goes up and over a rock till drumlin cliff, the second-high point on the land. This cliff shelters a patch of Carolinian Forest, a red maple forest where the wild leeks and many Medicine Plants grow. I’ve always called it the Magic Forest, so quiet, so alive and so full of important Medicines. In the early Spring, Trilliums carpet the Forest floor.

Wetland Areas on the Property

Closer to the river there are two wetland areas on the property, a Maple Swamp and a Woodland Marsh, flooded in the Spring and drying up over the Summer

There is an old cabin down in this area close to the river. The cabin is on the floodplain of the river and would be unlikely to get a building permit approval. However, the cabin has been there 40-50 years and could be rebuilt now.

Property on the Other Side of the River

The property continues on the other side of the river for another 8-10 acres almost reaching the Ganaraska Trail, the eastern version of the Bruce Trail.

In this area the Trail runs from Sadowa, a small village north of Seabright through the some very wild bush, all the way to Victoria Falls.

Current Use of the Property

The current owner has used the land to camp on, to harvest Plant Medicines and to hold group retreats and Ceremonies over many years.

In the forest I still know how to become one with a landscape, rich with a thousand mysteries. The forest permits me to capture the secrets of the invisible, of which we are the trustees. These secrets will soon become precious compasses for humanity.”

Grandmother Bernadette Rebiemot, Grandmother’s Counsel the World.

Wilderness Protection

This Land is already part of a Wild Lands Provincial Park and is a protected area.

It is a unique area with naturally regenerated forest and extensive wetlands

This kind of Natural Forest Regeneration is hard to find in Ontario anymore and has much to teach us about Ecological Restoration

It is my hope as the current “Steward” of this property that someone else who has a passion for Wilderness Protection and a fascination for the Learning that Wild Land has to offer will find their way to this property.

It is also my hope that support for Wilderness Land can move beyond protection or conservancy to revitalization, restoration and most of all to honouring the land




Interested parties can approach the owner at:

Visits to the property will be by appointment.

Please indicate you saw this listing at EcoProperty.ca.

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