Kudos for EcoProperty.ca

Kudos from others who have listed:

“We have sold our property through EcoProperty. We would like to thank you and put up a testimonial on how happy we are. We had great response... one response within a week of the listing... three interested parties and it was great to have a relationship with those groups and a good experience in the whole process.” — Peggy & Barry

“We just signed an offer from someone who wants to purchase. This family along with many others contacted us through your very valuable web site — I would recommend your service without hesitation. It has made all the difference to us being able to sell our house to people who share our values.” — Herb Jones

“We did not deal with a realtor, but simply listed our property in great detail on EcoProperty. Within minutes of being posted we began receiving calls. We had over 130 calls and 60 groups who came for a mutual interview and tour. We told them that we were interested in someone who wanted to carry on some kind of environmental work. The broad range of ideas and exceedingly strong interest was heart-warming! It seems like being off-grid and sustainable lets you sell for more than a regular house. Out of the ten good offers we received, three had very strong, developed educational plans and the apparent where-with-all to successfully implement them. It feels so good to know that Sun Run will thrive and evolve.” — Barbara Wallace, co-founder of the Sun Run Centre for Sustainable Living

“I posted on numerous websites. Your website seems to get far more visitors than the others [...] (which explains why they were free!) Have not found a renter yet, so I hope it can remain posted, but your posting has provided a great service to us, and people have lots of good things to say about the site.” — Patty Ewaschuk

“I usually average 50 visitors to my webpage a day, but the day I posted with EcoProperty it was over 700, the only thing different was my listing with you. Plus I have an enquiry on the house already, very good going so far!” — Sandra Storr

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