Why list with EcoProperty?

Our mission is to find suitable, motivated buyers for your home, property or organic farm.

  • Eco-friendly: Find buyers who value your property.
  • Easy: It takes just a minute to post — but keeps attracting new buyers for as long as needed / until sold.
  • Affordable: Our modest, one-time fee covers our costs for publishing, targeting and promoting your listing. There are no additional fees, percentage, commission, etc.

What's the cost?

We charge a one-time fee to cover our costs for publishing and promoting your listing. There are no additional fees, commissions, percentage, etc.

  • $200 — Standard listing  (up to 20 photos; optional video or 3D tour)
  • $500 — Deluxe listing  (up to 100 photos; optional video or 3D tour; social media)
  • Special situation? Please call to discuss.

Your listing will remain live for one year or until you sell, whichever comes first. Our staff are continually promoting these listings. The typical listing gets thousands of reads, please see our testimonials.

Do I need a real estate agent?

It's entirely up to you. We welcome for-sale-by-owner as well as agent listings. In either case, we're here to help you reach motivated buyers who will value the what your property has to offer.

How can I list?

The first step is to write up a listing. Then just copy and paste it into the listing page. Let us know if you need any help: info ecoproperty.ca or call 1-855-561-4509.

How long can it be?

Your listing can be as short or long as you like. Since the cost is the same either way, why not take the time to describe what's great about your property? Keep in mind that eco-minded buyers will be reading your ad; it's good to mention any environmental, ecological or sustainable aspects (of your property and/or the surrounding area). Be sure to include a phone number or e-mail address where interested buyers can reach you. If you need any help, give us a shout: info ecoproperty.ca or call 1-855-561-4509.

How to add photos?

Please e-mail your photos to: info ecoproperty.ca . Our staff will process and upload them, laying them out in an attractive manner. This is a manual process, it can take a few hours.

Our Guarantee

EcoProperty is run by dedicated staff, motivated to help you find a suitable buyer, since 2005. Many people have sold their homes and properties through EcoProperty. Obviously, we can't guarantee that yours will sell. But if for any reason you're not happy with our service or the response to your listing, please let us know within three months; we will remove your listing and refund your payment in full.

Can I revise my listing?

Yes, you can revise your listing at any time, there's no charge. You can do it yourself, we're here to help if needed. (If you wish to change or add new photos, an additional fee might apply.)

My property has sold

Please let us know when your property has sold so we can remove the listing. info ecoproperty.ca .

What is an “eco-property”?

An eco-property is any property that has an eco-friendly aspect — anything that could be of interest to eco-friendly buyers. For example, organic farm or gardens, green building, energy efficiency, wilderness, off-grid, etc. If in doubt, go ahead and post, we'll get in touch if we have any questions.

What EcoProperty is not

Please note that we are not real estate agents. If you need an agent, we can help you find a Green Realtor / Green Real Estate Agent in your area.

Other questions?

If you have any questions or need assistance, give us a call at 1-855-561-4509 (toll-free) or e-mail: info ecoproperty.ca

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